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All ceramics are made exclusively handcrafted. The most important tools are the hands. Only after that comes the potter´s wheel and plate roller. read more

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Every bonsai is unique. Trees may be similar, but never the same. The same applies to the hand-made pots. Even through years of experience and perfection, the potter is able to produce highly accurate blanks, but has to give something unique to every bonsai pot. read more

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From the Chinese launched and perfected from the Japanese, today bonsai is a movement which is oriented in nature more than any other form of Art. It provides the ability for each to bring a piece of “nature“ into the house. But better for the trees is the garden or balcony! read more

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    Here, you will find me... 2019



    22 - 23.06.    NRW Bonsaitage Mühlheim

    24 - 25.08.    Bonsai Im Norden

    21 - 22.09.    Düsseldorf, Werner M Busch

    05 - 06.10.    BCD Orscholz

    02 - 03.11.    Akiten Brixen


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Handmade ceramics from Germany. Quality and artistry for the highest standards.

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