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Bonsai - tree in pot

From the Chinese launched and perfected from the Japanese, today bonsai is a movement which is oriented in nature more than any other form of Art. It provides the ability for each to bring a piece of “nature“  into the house. But better for the trees is the garden or balcony!bonsai aum in schale 1

Therefore you have to learn intensively how to maintain them, and the needs and characteristics of the tree species. If done properly, you can enjoy this small work of art, as like perhaps the breeding of animals in cases. With the difference that you can pass on your trees over generations!

The different styles to classified bonsai such as the broom style Bonsai or Literati style were originally cribbed from nature and made to perfection. The Japanese keep very strictly according to the styles. In Japan a Bonsai stands usually in a house shrine. Therefore bonsai is a part of the religion of Zen Buddhism.   For Europeans, it is very difficult to understand. Thus Bonsai - depending on the viewer- is more than just a hobby!

The focus is on the tree, which will act for itself and tells a story.

The Europeans, or even the Western world, look a little more relaxed to bonsai. We do not look back on such a long tradition. So sometimes you can see trees represent only an art form, and no real big tree in nature.

bonsai aum in schale 2
Bonsai aum in schale 2The tree forms a unit with the Pot, like a picture and its frame.

Depending on the tree species and bonsai style, Bonsai pots have proven that support the tree in its form, but not distract from! As more unusual and individual the tree is, as more unusual and individual may also be the pot.

A badly designed tree seems better with a good pot. But a very good tree can also look worse by the choice of the pot. So it is understandable that many bonsai lovers which keep their trees over the years want to put them into a perfect suitable pot. A handmade unique.


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