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One of the most amazing experiences in the world of bonsai, it is to see your own trees mature- over time! Therefore I would like to show you some of my own trees in the gallery. I was often asked if I have time to maintain my own trees.

The production of my pots, and of course my family, requires a lot of time.  But I can say one thing: "If I care no more bonsai, then I also don´t need to make Bonsai pots." For me, it belongs together, and without the interaction I cannot produce good pots. 

die sperling baeume

 Many trees I collected when I was still working in the forest. I had the opportunity to officially go into many protected areas. Without such permission is illegal and may result in criminal liability.


The native tree species have great advantages in our climate, and are often much more robust than the imported trees. The Japanese tree species, however, are tuned through years of selection and variety choice extremely fine on the special requirements for bonsai. But the quality of European trees is getting better..

A bonsai should not consider as other potted plants, but more like a pet. The small trees need daily care and affection.


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