Last Updated on Monday, 14 July 2014 20:32

I am pleased that you Visit my site and hope you enjoy browsing. For me an many of you, Bonsai is much more than a hobby. When daily life is stressful and time is running, I look into my garden and enjoy my trees. It is fun to work with, and to see how they change when get older with. Many things in life can change. It is a nice Idea that the small trees can be there, even after our lifetime.


For this reason, I make even the greatest demands on my ceramics. Not only from a purely aesthetic point of view but also from just practical. The pot must fit to the tree, and withstand the frost, and the weather. Unlike many everyday objects that are replaced regularly, the pots are  getting older with the tree and maybe  get patina. So I thank you for your trust, and I wish you much joy with my ceramic.