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Packaging & shipping


Sperling Keramik ships every package from our store in Germany. The packaging is included. In addition, each package is insured up to €500 against loss or damage.

Should there be any problems during the order process, please send us an email. We will get in contact with you and solve the problem.

The respective costs are displayed to you in your shopping cart. Subsequently, all shipping methods with price:

Shipping to Germany
Max. weight Price
up to 2kg/parcel 4,99€
up to 10kg/parcel 5,99€
up to 20kg/parcel 10,99€
up to 31,5kg/parcel 12,99€
up to 100kg/parcel



Shipping to EU states
Max. weight Price
up to 2kg/parcel 13,99€
up to 5kg/parcel 15,99€
up to 10kg/parcel 20,99€
up to 20kg/parcel 30,99€
up to 31,5kg/parcel 41,99€

The EU countries currently include: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark (except Faroe Islands and Greenland), Estonia, Finland (except Älandinseln), France (except overseas departments and territories), Greece (except Mount Athos), Great Britain (except Channel Islands), Ireland, Italy (außerLivigno and Campione d'Italia), Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands (except non-European areas), Austria, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Sweden, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain (except Canary Islands , Ceutaund Melilla), Czech Republic, Hungary, Cyprus (except northern part)

Shipping to Europe (without EU)
Max. weight Price
up to 5kg/parcel 28,99€
up to 10kg/parcel 33,99€
up to 20kg/parcel 48,99€
up to 31,5kg/parcel 53,99€

Among the countries in Europe (excluding EU) currently include: Älandinseln (Finland), Andorra, Albania, Belarus, Mount Athos (Greece), Bosnia-Herzegovina, Campione d'Italia (Italy), Ceuta (Spain), Faroe Islands (Denmark), Georgia, Gibraltar (UK) Greenland (Denmark), Iceland, Channel Islands (Great Britain), Canary Islands (Spain), Kosovo, Liechtenstein, Livigno (Italy), Macedonia, Melilla (Spain), Moldova, Montenegro, Norway, Switzerland, Russian Federation, San Marino, Serbia, Turkey, Ukraine, Vatican City, Cyprus (northern part)

Worldwide shipping
Max. weight Price
up to 5kg/parcel 34,99€
up to 10kg/parcel 46,99€
up to 20kg/parcel 67,99€
up to 31,5kg/parcel 92,99€

The worldwide shipping countries currently include: Algeria, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Israel, Jordan, Canada, Kazakhstan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Palestinian Territories, St. Pierre and Miquelon (France), Syria, Tunisia, United States of America

Worldwide shipping (undetermined)
Max. weight Price
up to 5kg/parcel 41,99€
up to 10kg/parcel 58,99€
up to 20kg/parcel 91,99€
up to 31,5kg/parcel 123,99€

Every country counts to undetermined worldwide shipping if they aren't enumerated in advance.


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Handmade ceramics from Germany. Quality and artistry for the highest standards.

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Sperling Keramik ships to almost every country on earth. Take a look at our packaging & shipping...



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